Time To Relax And Unwind.

Hi, I’m Jo your resident yoga teacher,
My yoga journey first began as a teenager, but didn’t really appreciate the true benefits until a few years later when my career as a make-up artist was in full swing. Working ridiculously long hours, I needed some time to chill out and stop me going crazy! I so appreciated the relaxing effect it had on both my mind, body and general outlook on life, reducing my stress and anxiety. At one point due to clashing schedules I discovered a tai chi/qigong class where we always did an amazing guided meditation at the end. Although both practises were very different, I could see and feel some similarities.

Whilst practising Qi Gong I discovered I could feel the ‘energy’ around me, something a little weird at first, but so very wonderful! My journey taught me about the importance of the chakras (energy centres within our bodies) which ties in nicely not only with my yoga and meditation practise, but also as a Reiki master & teacher and Transformational life Coach.

My career involved a lot of travelling and I had the misfortune of being involved in 3 fairly bad car crashes within a 10 year period (yes that was 3!). Each time, the doctor referred me to physio which helped a little but I knew in my heart yoga could benefit me far more. Practising whilst being in so much pain and with severely restricted movement brought along the realisation of how amazingly therapeutic and healing yoga can be. Needless to say, each time my Doctor was surprised at my speed of recovery after going back to classes.

I've tried most styles/types of yoga over the years having a thirst to learn as much as possible and feel I've been influenced by each. I started with general hatha and Iyengar yoga which taught me the importance of correct alignment.

The spiritual side has also become important to me - something I’ve experienced mainly from my trainings in India and since living in Bulgaria. I’m quite a sceptical person at heart and have to obtain personal proof that things work/exist in order to believe!

Although I qualified with a 200hr Yoga Alliance certification in multiple styles of yoga,
I would describe my own style closest to the general Hatha, Vinyasa Flow and Sivananda traditions, but with lots of other influences. The classes I teach start and finish with relaxation/meditation, pranayama (breathing exercises) include a little energy work incorporate a good variety of flowing asanas (poses/postures), all synchronised with the breath and of course my classes wouldn’t be complete without sun salutations. I teach intuitively according to everyones needs at any given time.

The styles I least associate myself with are the fast paced Ashtanga, power or Bikram styles of yoga, or at the other end of the scale those that involve holding poses for a very long time (although I love yin!) or very slow meditative styles.

Always considering your individual physical, emotional and spiritual needs (each person and each group vary so much) you'll have the opportunity to practise in a non-competitive environment and at your own pace, leaving here knowing how to slot your yoga practise and the wisdom that comes alongside into your daily life :)
Daily sessions
During our twice daily 90 minute yoga sessions we practise:
Asanas (postures)
Pranayama (breathing exercises)
Yoga Nidra (relaxation)
Afternoon sessions will include 1 taichi/qigong session each week and 1 guided meditation

Yoga Styles taught

Vinyasa Flow


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