Time To Relax And Unwind.

What do I need to bring?

INCLUDE : Swimwear, sunhat, sunglasses, suntan lotion, toiletries, mosquito repellant for dusk. (We don't have a lot of mosquitos, but it does vary from year to year and person to person, so we cannot guarantee you won't get bitten without some!!) Comfortable clothes for your yoga classes, allowing you to relax and move freely (so no tight waistbands!) Long sleeves/long trousers for the evening where necessary. For earlier and later in the season you may feel more comfortable with a fleece top or similar. When we go for an evening meal in Varna, you may want something a little more smart/dressy, although this isn't essential. Flip flops and suitable shoes if you wish to go walking or exploring (I'm happy in flipflops or bare feet even if I'm walking through the forest or scrambling to a beach, but how about you?) Passport/I.D. card, Travel insurance documents. European health card (EHIC) Driving licence if you plan to hire a car
How far are you from the airport, Varna and the beaches?

We are 25 minutes (28kms)from Varna city centre, 35 minutes minutes from the airport and around 30 mins from the black sea coast and many beaches. The more touristy beaches of Golden Sands and Obzor in the other direction are around 45 minutes away. Dave, our driver offers beach safari trips to take you off road through forests to secluded beaches.

Is it possible to travel with just hand luggage to reduce the cost of my flight?

Yes, many guests do this. Please let us know beforehand if you'd like us to provide a pool/beach towel or source any toiletrees. We have facilities to do some laundry.

What are the temperatures like?

We operate our retreats during the summer tourist season, so expect your week to be full of sunshine and warmth. The early months of May to June and after the middle of August will be a little cooler than the height of the season. Click HERE to check current temperatures and the month ahead
What is the approximate cost of eating out?

Allow around £5/6 Euro for lunch and £12/13 Euro for an evening meal.

Do you provide yoga mats?

Yes, we have a good supply of clean mats. For individual needs we also have some blocks, belts and blankets available.
Do you operate a honesty bar?

Yes, some guests (and us!) like to have a glass of Bulgarian wine or beer with our evening meal. You can have whatever you like and just tot it up at the end of your stay. Prices are also very cheap and you can settle your bill in Bulgarian Leva, GB Pounds or Euros.
Can I have an alcoholic drink when on a retreat ?

Yes, we are not super strict and it's important to us that you feel at home here, so if you fancy an alcoholic drink, then you can have one! Some guests drink alcohol whilst others prefer not to as they are either teetotal or wish to detox as much as possible whilst here.

Do you serve meat?
We don't serve any red meat. Only chicken and fish are available onsite and if they are being prepared, rest assured that they are kept completley separate to veggie dishes. Please note that some retreats may be totally vegetarian as it will depend on each group of guests. In this case, if you are really missing meat, you can always eat this when dining out.
Can I skip a class?

Yes. It is so important to us that you get whatever you need from your retreat, so if you ever prefer to have a lie-in, an afternoon snooze or even a full day out when classes are scheduled then this is absolutely fine. There is no pressure to do anything :)

How do I book therapies?
You will be given the opportunity to register your interest on your questionairre, then we generally book you in after arrival. If there is high demand during your retreat week, we may try to schedule appointments beforehand and they will be offered on a first come first served basis.

Are there any laundry facilities?
Yes, we have a washing machine and also a bowl if you prefer to wash a few things through yourself and hang them on the line. We can supply you with washing powder and fabric conditioner too - all we ask it that you cover the cost.


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